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Purple Martin House Gourds 8 Pack

Purple Martin House Gourds 8 Pack

  • $ 6795

Purple Martins live in colonies, which require many homes. Many birders believe that a purple martin raised in a gourd bird house will prefer to live in one. So having each type will keep everybody happy. Though needing rather expensive colony housing, they are very desirable birds to have in your yards, eating lots of mosquitos and other pesky insects. This 8 pack of gourd houses are made in a 2 piece, easy cleaning gourd house. The entrance hole is Starling resistant, having a removable perforrated piece which converts the hole to a round shape that is no longer starling resistant. Once the perforrated piece is removed, it becomes permanently a round hole, Bird house gourds made of rugged plastic. Requires tall mounting pole, suggest GCHEATH30108. 14x17x10 inches.

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