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Dr JB Switchable Hummingbird Feeders

  • $ 2395

These popular hummingbird feeders can be adjusted to the size of your flock. If you are one of those lucky people who have great numbers of hummingbirds that empty your feeders as fast as you refill them, then these are for you. The same base fits the little 16 oz wide mouth jar, 32oz, or 48 oz, or the mighty 80 oz jar for when more hummingbirds visit in late summer and during migration. Where else can you find a monster 80 ounce hummingbird feeder? So you can order one bird feeder base and different replacement bottles to suit your changing needs and changing seasons.Wide mouth jars are great for easy cleaning or filling, made of heavy duty, nearly unbreakable plastic. The base's unique 2 piece design is easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and its non leaking, deep feeder ports are beyond the reach of bees and wasps to reduce that problem. 

So choose the base unit and size jar you want to start with and place it in your cart.

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