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Robins, Robins and more Robins

Posted by Linda Pittman on

robinsIt's unbelievable!  We were coming out of a very cold snap last weekend and I saw a ton of Robins in my pine tree.  Early January, below freezing at the time and a pack of about 20 or 25 robins were coming over the house roof and landing in the tree, with 2 Cardinals leading them in.  It was completely silent, once they got in there.  You wouldn't know they were there if you hadn't seen them, and the friend with me didn't see them.  I don't think I've seen that many in a group in warm weather.

What were they doing this far north, in PA, in early January?  Besides freezing their little tails off.  They are paying a dear price for being early, but not so bad.  We are in a warm spell, not below freezing that often, so they should be fine.  They sure made my day.  I can't wait for Spring.

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