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Repurpose Christmas Trees for Birds

Posted by Linda Pittman on

bird in pinesI was waiting in traffic and saw a Christmas tree go by on the roof of a car. I realized I hadn't seen many this year, or for several years. I'll admit, I've had a fake tree forever, and it works for me. It is a nice looking fake tree.

I felt bad for all the cut trees that end up in a landfill in January, but continued driving. Then it crossed my mind that I wished I could decorate a tree for my birds, and have it last longer than a few weeks. Continuing in this pattern, I thought about getting a tree after Christmas, and staking it up next to my bird feeder. One thing that is very helpful to bring song birds to a bird feeder is to have some cover nearby, so they feel safer from a possible air attack. I know my birdfeeder closest to the house is pretty far from cover. I think my birds would be happier with a pine tree tied to the feeder pole, that they could duck into if my hawk flies by.

I think I would be happy to decorate that tree with bird treats. I could string popcorn for them, and peanut butter and birdseed pine cones. I'd have to look up some kind of birdy cookie recipes, or see what I could do with suet balls. It would be fun. I'm sure I'd be glad to look at it all winter, and watch the changes in my treats and see what they like best of my offerings. Does anybody have simple recipes for outdoor edible ornaments or bird seed treats for a birdy Christmas tree that they would like to share?

I know the tree would still end up in a landfill when it looks ugly and brown, but I'm going to see if I can find one and repurpose it for the rest of the winter. I want to wish you and all of your backyard birds a very merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.

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