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Put out new bird feeders

Posted by Linda Pittman on

We've all had bird feeders out all winter. But those have fed birdseed or suet. Now we have migrating birds. They will migrate right on by, unless they have a reason to stay. Great foraging spots will give everybody a snack for the road, or entice them to set up nests in a food filled yard. Think of adding fruit feeders. Set out orange halves, apples, grapes, old bananas. Later in the year you can add melons or anything in season. Try jelly feeders for those with the sweet tooth. Put out nectar feeders that have been packed away since freezing weather.  Bird baths should have been out all winter, but if freezing worried you, now is the time to set them up again.  Welcome your feathered friends from t he south, and they will reward you with activity all summer.

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