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My Spring Robin

Posted by Linda Pittman on

signs of spring robinsWe got a good snowstorm this week, still over a foot of snow on the ground, smashed down and melting.  Everything is still beautiful and white.  My back sidewalk is a deep trench out to the garage.  I was heading out the door and saw my first robin of spring poking around the grass on the edges of my sidewalk.  I didn't touch my door to disturb her.  She seemed like she was looking straight at me, and I didn't want her to fly away.  She would peck a little & look at me, hop closer, peck a little & look at me.  Then my thought was "She is so fat!"  I was so pleased that she was nice and fat after wherever she was all winter, or her flight up here.  Wherever she was, she was doing great.  She poked around a couple of yards closer, then flew away.  It really made my day.  There is nothing like the first robin of spring, even the next month worth of robins.

Don't get me wrong, all my winter birds are great.  It gives me a nice, warm fuzzy feeling when I look out my window at the bird feeders and see an army of birds foraging out there, on a feeder or on the ground.  They are happy, so I'm happy.  I feel bad when I loose all of them in the spring.  But robins mean Spring!

I have seen surveys of "Signs of Spring" and the robin is always on it, generally right at the top.  I don't ever remember seeing one this early, or in the snow, but it was a warm winter.  I'm ready for Spring.  How about you?

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