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My House Sparrows are Back!

Posted by Linda Pittman on

birds nestMy house sparrows are back! They have been building their nest on my covered front porch light for several years. I don't know if they are the same birds, or just family members, but they've always come back. They don't even seem to mind when I come out and get the mail. It is so neat to watch them nest building and raising their young. It is so funny to see the young ones first drunken flights around the yard, with the parents encouragement.

Last fall I had to replace the light. It isn't a light that would make a good nesting site.

I knew they would be back so this winter I made several roosting ledge boxes to put on the porch, so they could take their pick. This week I saw them flying up by the light & flying away. Now I see nesting material on the ledge right opposite the porch light. It looks like I succeeded in keeping them on my porch, so I can watch them raise a family again this year.  This is the earliest I have ever seen them out there, but with this warm winter, who knows. I can't wait for by baby birds.

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