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Mosquito proof bird baths

Posted by Linda Pittman on

Summer is certainly here, everywhere.  We are all out enjoying it.  But not if it has us getting all bit up by mosquitoes.  With the Zika scare and other mosquito carried diseases, we are constantly reminded to get rid of standing water around the house.  I ran across a very clever bird bath device.  Not only does it stop mosquitoes, but it helps draw birds, since they like moving water.  

I run the risk of sounding like a commercial, but this is clever.  It is called a Water Wiggler.  It runs constantly on 2 D cell batteries, dipping and dropping in a bird bath.  Mosquitoes can only lay eggs in calm water, so it stops your bird bath from breeding them.  The batteries are said to last about 3 months, so it's not like that becomes a problem.  It sounds like such a perfect solution to stop mosquitoes and attract birds that I couldn't wait to add it to our website, and get one for my own birdbath.  I love it.

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