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Mason Bees

Posted by Linda Pittman on

  Most people are afraid of bees, anything with a stinger to be exact. We don't want to be around them. But we need bees. They are natures way of pollinating flowers and fruits. Honey bees are decreasing in population, due to pesticides, etc. Native bees are more resistant. Mason bees are much different from honey bees. They have no queen to protect and live alone, so there is no hive or swarm like other stinging insects. Males have no stinger and females only sting when they are cornered or have no choice. They lay eggs in cracks and holes and seal them up with a muddy wad, like masonry, hence the name. They are perfectly happy to live together using a ready made wood block. Eggs hatch soon after laying, but overwinter as grubs in their cracks. They hatch in spring, small, dark blue/black bees. We offer a Mason Bee Lodge for your convenience.

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