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Local Bald Eagle Nestlings

Posted by Linda Pittman on

Baby eaglets
 I've been checking in on the baby eagles in the Codorus park live nest cam. They've grown out of the floppy ugly stage and are fluffy and cute. I was watching one morning and got lots of action. The parent bird was sitting on the nest with food of some unidentifiable nature. It would tear off a little bite and reach towards the eaglets, who were both begging. I saw her stuff a bite down one then the other, taking turns very nicely. That amazed me, since I'm aware that a female eaglet will generally get bigger, dominant, and get to eat more than a smaller male. This process can continue till she ruthlessly starves little brother. I thought perhaps they just weren't that size yet.

Then the one on the left got 8 straight bites, with the other one begging. Who knows. I could have watched it all morning. But they finished off whatever it was, and I had to get going. What a way to start a morning. copy/paste link:

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