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Local Bald Eagle eggs hatch!

Posted by Linda Pittman on

bald eagle feeding nestlingsOur eagle nest in Codorus state park has 2 eggs in it, laid March 10 & 13th.  They both hatched yesterday, and the day before.  So congrats on 2 live young this year.  Last year, sadly, only one of 2 eggs hatched, and it later died, possibly from a branch injury during some nest tidying. 

So they are off to a great start, and now comes the fun watching.  Granted it is neat to see an eagle, but watching one sit on a nest can be as exciting as watching concrete set.  With 2 little fluff ball to feed, there will be a lot of action and interest.   Now they are at the cute stage, growing into the cute, fuzzy, active stage.

Here is a link to the nest cam. Copy/paste or the PA Game Commission site here, copy/paste:  There are facts and commentary to browse thru.  Enjoy.


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