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Getting your suet feeders ready

Posted by Linda Pittman on

suet bird feederThe weather is cold all across the US. That means your birds are needing more energy to keep warm, especially if they stay in northern areas. It also means that suet feeders won't be turning rancid, as they might in the summer months. Suet is an excellent source of high energy food. It is a great way to help your birds fuel up for the cold weather. It is also a favorite of birds like woodpeckers, but many others will come in and grab a bite.

Suet can easily be purchased at a store, but there are many recipes online for making your own at home. It can sound like a simple process, but some people feel it is more trouble than it is worth and just simpler to buy suet cakes. There are many different favorite bird foods that are added into the suet. So the possibilities are endless, if you are feeling adventuresome. One added bonus is that you can add cayenne pepper to your mix, to stop squirrels from eating it in a day.  Birds can't smell and don't mind it, but squirrels hate it.

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