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Codorus bald eaglets growing fast.

Posted by Linda Pittman on

The baby eaglets in the Codorus park cameras are really getting big. They are getting their real feathers in now, not just baby down. That seems to make them even bigger. I keep checking all the time to see how they are doing. It is really something to watch. They have grown out of the cute fluffy stage.  It will only last so long, before they grow up and fly away. I guess, if I miss the big moment for one of them, it will be a highlight on camera on the web somewhere. They look ready to fly all too soon. Don't all young things grow up so fast.... The young birds feathers are all dark. They won't get their trade mark white heads for another year. I feel so proud of them. I don't know why. They are our national symbol, these little baby eagles in that nest. All they have to do is just be themselves, these wonderful little birds.

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