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Butterfly Migration

Posted by Linda Pittman on

butterflies  I was out this weekend about mid day, running my puppy in the yard and enjoying my fall flowers. We've had a few cold nights, no frost yet. But Fall is here.

I wasn't the only one enjoying the flowers. I was thrilled to see a bunch of butterflies enjoying them too! Most of them were Monarchs, but there were maybe a half a dozen other colors fluttering around. I've never seen such butterfly diversity in my own garden.

It looked like one landed, and I thought "How nice. A butterfly still here." Then a million of them were there, (like 40-100) in the time it took me to look at my puppy. There was so much action that I couldn't really focus on anything in particular. I'd say that the colors I was seeing were like dark purple swallowtails, white cabbage butterflies, brown painted ladies, yellow sulphur butterflies. All in one garden. All in MY garden! Sometimes there were 3-4 on each flower. I had some mums and Zinnias getting all the attention, and some nearly finished tall Phlox that attracted a few, I could watch them eat, very close sometimes. It was unbelievable. I've seen a Monarch migration when I was a kid, with thousands in the tree, But not all these kinds.

Naturally, I wanted to try to get a picture of this beautiful sight, but getting my puppy in and the camera out was impossible. I was too close. My puppy got tired of her ball (after a record 10-15 minutes, thank goodness.) & came to me. They very sensibly scattered everywhere. They even created a shadow when they all took off. Dinner was over.

I know there are more things I can do to attract butterflies, butterfly feeders, sunbaths, etc. I just haven't ever done anything, or figured out where. I'm going to reread my Birding Tips page about attracting butterflies and see how much I can do next year.

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