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Bird feeders in fall to winter

Posted by Linda Pittman on

bird feederBirds are migrating now. They will be hungry and tired when they come thru your area, no matter where you live. If you have birdseed or nectar ready and waiting for them, they will stop in for a meal, maybe even stay a while. If the birds always spend the summers farther north, they will likely continue on their way. But if they can be happy in your area, a full belly can help make sure they stay around.

You have probably had seed out all winter, but your sugar water needs to be put out before hummingbirds or orioles start flying north. Some hummingbird feeders in the Gulf coast states or desert southwest may see action all winter since there are some hummingbirds that may not fly all the way to Mexico. But those hummingbirds will still head north with warmer weather.

Orioles winter in South America. They are very hungry by the time they reach the US. But if they don't see your feeder, they won't waste time hunting it. They will just keep flying north. They reach the Southern states in early Spring, the middle states by mid May, and later yet in the north. If they pass you by, you probably won't have much luck seeing any orioles at your feeders till they head south again at the end of summer. So make sure your feeder is out in time, no matter where you are.


Hummigbirds espcially can't handle fermented nectar. It messes up their navigation systems, and they always remember where they got bad water. They will avoid the feeder in the future. If this happens, just scrub it clean and move it to another location.

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