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Bald Eagle Cam in Hanover, PA

Posted by Linda Pittman on

bald eagleWe are excited once again to be watching the bald eagle nest in Codorus State Park, just east of Hanover, PA.  This year they have 2 camera views on the nest.  The adult eagles returned to the nest just after Christmas.  2 eggs were laid in it this week.  The cameras provide excellent live stream viewing. The eggs are due to hatch around late March.

Eagles have used this nest since 2005.  This is the third year of cameras on the nest. Last year, 2016, 2 eggs were laid, but only 1 hatched and soon died. In 2015 2 successful eggs were hatched and the baby birds fledged. In early March the nest gained international attention when a heavy snow completely covered the nest and adult in deep snow.  The adult rose up and shook free of the snow in spectacular fashion on camera.

Just an observation for those who have never seen pictures of an eagles nest, it's HUGE!  We are used to thinking of a Robins nest or something, and see this the same.  But eagles are generally 2 feet big, not 7 inches.  Look at all the room around the big eagle.  An eagles nest can be 6 or 8 feet across, and weigh as much as a VW bug.  It is added to, year after year, getting even bigger.

We'll keep you posted in future blogs, but if you want to check them out anytime, copy/paste link:

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