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Baby Blue Jay

Posted by Linda Pittman on

baby blue jay
I was heading out of the house this morning, down the sidewalk, heading to the garage.  There was a bird ahead of me, on my sidewalk.  As I got closer, it hopped away.  It was a baby.  A big baby.  A kind of ugly, half fledged baby.  I stopped so I wouldn't scare it any more.  It had enough feathers to identify it as a blue jay.  Not the prettiest thing, at that point, half feathers, half fluff. I think he was fledged enough to have flown well enough to reach my sidewalk, but not to be perfect at it  yet.  I spoke to it for a bit, then had to move on.  I made a wide detour around it and left it to my sidewalk.  I haven't seen him again, but it was a nice visit.

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