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Attracting Purple Martins

Posted by Linda Pittman on

purple martin house You really want to have Purple Martins to help you out. They eat bugs, especially mosquitoes, which can lower your risk of the West Nile Virus and other mosquito borne illnesses. So you want to coax some to live in your yard. Think location, location, location That's the key. They live in groups, and love space to fly. The martin house needs to be at least 40 feet from trees, houses power lines or other interference. They realize that humans are good for them, so you want to place your martin house be within 100 yards of your home. Their enemies are English Sparrows, or Starlings, so house entrances need starling prevention entrances, or they can be controlled with traps. Purple martins live in 2 main types of houses: multiple gourds or multi room aluminum houses. Many birders believe that a martin raised in a gourd house will move into a gourd house if one is available, and a martin raised in an aluminum house will first choose a house to settle in. So offer both types, and you will have your best chance of success when attracting Purple Martins into your yard. Purple Martin decoys are available to lure martins to live in your yard as they are very social birds. Using these tips will help you succeed in soon having a flock of these insect eating birds set up housekeeping in your yard and entertaining you. Social media reports indicate that purple martins are on the move in the south as early as February, progressing northward. Look at the variety of Purple Martin houses on our Specialty Bird House pages.

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