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Attracting Squirrels

Posted by Linda Pittman on

  While many people hate squirrels competing at their feeders, there are others who enjoy being entertained by them. Squirrels can eat their weight in seed during one week. They can run up to 20 mph and jump 6 feet up or across 8 feet. Most action for squirrels is around noon in winter, and the first few hours after sunrise or before sunset in wam weather. They have litters of 3-4. Adult squirrels will usually live alone, but they will share a nest with others during severe cold, to share body heat. Squirrels are most active in late winter, which is mating season. Males chase the females while chasing off other males, resulting in breathtaking acrobatics. Having feeders for squirrels encourages viewing. If you can't beat them, join them! Ear corn is a very affordable way to feed squirrels. It can be just out on a spike or hung on interesting toys like a teeter totter, pinwheel or Squngee. Squirrels like to have fun. Or you can spoil your squirrels with treats like peanuts. Just use a squirrel box, with lid that squirrels can lift up but keep out jays etc. when the lid is down. To help them thru the winter, you can get a squirrel house & hang it as high as you can get it up in a tree. But food is certainly the secret to success in keeping squirrels around. Look over our Squirrel Feeders page for many entertaining Squirrel feeders.

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