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Christmas for Bird Lovers

Posted by Linda Pittman on

mad bluebird door mat Many people really love birds.  They are so beautiful, no matter if they are a drab sparrow or a flashy jay.  They are fun to watch, flying about a bird feeder.  They are so lovely to listen to.  So it is nice to have them around.

Now is the time people think about Christmas.  They are also racking their brains trying to figure out what to give someone who has everything.  Think birds. If they have a yard or a place to have a bird feeder or a bird house, give them something for the birds. We have many comical bird houses that appeal specifically to other animal lovers as well, best of both worlds.  We have a birding gifts page that features gifts that go to the bird lover, not the bird.  Then we have items that you will enjoy in your yard while you are looking out at birds, or out in the yard you enjoy.  So this may sound like a sales pitch to some, but great ideas to others who are out of ideas. Merry Christmas to all.

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