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About Bats

Posted by Linda Pittman on

colony bat house Halloween is all about spooky critters like bats, especially Dracula or vampire bats. But that is not what bats are all about. Bats are natures best mosquito eaters & also eat thousands of corn borers and other crop pests, etc. each night. They are the good guys. You really want to have bats around if you can.

In order to attract bats to your backyard you want to provide bat houses with multiple chambers. Single chambered houses are basically 'bachelors pads'. They can gather bats, but not nearly as many insect eating bats as a multi chambered nursery colony bat house. Mount your bat house as high as you can make it, on your barn, pole or tree. Face it to take advantage of the early morning warmth. Bats enter from the bottom, so keep that entry area clear. Then just be patient. It can take 6 months to over a year for bats to find and use your bat house. But it is worth the wait to see the reduction in bugs that bats can make in your backyard. look over a variety of Bat Houses located on our Bird House Specialty pages.

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