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Bird Feeder Hygiene

Posted by Linda Pittman on

hummingbird feeder  Bird feeder hygiene is very important! It keeps diseases from building up in your bird feeders and bird baths, then spreading to your family or feathered guests. Wash them with a mixture of 1 part bleach and 9 parts water. Then rinse thoroughly. If you don't care for this mixture, other commercial bird feeder cleaning solutions are available on the market. For ease of use, suggest keeping a small bucket with handy cleaning tools in it: a small putty knife to scrape old soiled birdseed from feeders; a long bristled scrubby brush to clean bird baths;a long handled bristle brush for cleaning tube feeders; tiny bristle brushes for nectar feeder ports.These really make cleaning all kinds of bird feeders much easier. Hummingbirds must have all parts of their feeders clean - a dirty, fermented feeder throws off their guidance systems. If your hummingbird feeder has been neglected and dirty, clean it, then move it to a different location, because hummingbirds remember the locations of dirty feeders. Some people try to avoid feeding birds during the summer months, because they want to avoid soiled yard furniture. But there are commercial furniture cleaners for the backyard, complete with bristly scrubbing heads. So remember, you and your family will benefit from having clean feeders and birdbaths.

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