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Bird Baths in Summer

Posted by Linda Pittman on

  We know that birds need water for drinking and splashing around.  We know it has to be cleaned to prevent the spread of disease among birds.  But the water in a bird bath can be dangerous in a different way, if it becomes stagnant and a breeding ground for mosquitoes.  The Zika virus is very alarming.  It also has no known vaccine at this time. West Nile virus has long been a concern. Besides, who wants to sit around or work in the yard being bitten by mosquitoes?  So the answer is to keep the bird baths clean, or to keep the water moving.  Moving water also attracts more birds to your bird bath or pond.  Just as you enjoy sitting around at a beach or river, birds enjoy ripply or splashing water.  If  you worry your bird that isn't always the freshest, or want to keep it moving, we have Water Wigglers for bird baths, both battery operated or Solar Water Wiggler.  To prevent other breeding grounds for mosquitoes, be sure to overturn children's toys, buckets, or wheel barrows, be sure rain gutters are cleared and draining, and clear away any other items that hold stagnant water.

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