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Oriole Tips

Posted by Linda Pittman on

  Many people can entice Orioles to settle in their yards, when they arrive back from wintering in South America, so be prepared. They arrive in the South in early Spring, Midwest in mid May, later further North. They are hungry when they get here. If you don't have feeders ready for them, after their long migration, they will continue on their way to better feeding grounds. Orioles like orange, so use orange colors to bring them in. Juicy orange halves are very attractive to them. Orioles are also drawn to bright orange nectar feeders. You can use bee guards to keep ants out of the feeders. Orioles also love jelly, especially grape jelly. Birders say that having jelly keeps Orioles in the yard longer. Many people just use the cheaper grocery store jelly, but specially made Oriole jelly has less artificial sugars in it, and more fruit, thus being better for the birds. Orioles are shy birds, so start out offering their food away from buildings and people, then gradually move it closer for your viewing pleasure. To encourage them to nest in your yard, offer strands of hair, yarn or baling twine, so they will choose to make their long, pendulous nests in your yard. The female take 5-8 days to build the nest alone, then lays 4-5 eggs and incubates them by herself for 12-14 days. Both parents feed the young untill they fledge in another 12-14 days. By summers end, they will all be heading off to a tropical climate. See the Oriole Feeders we have to offer.

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